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Business cards

Business cards remain the perfect medium for transmitting your contact details and those of your company.

The contents

The following items make your business cards relevant:

- Company name and logo

- First name (s) and name of contact person

- Title (s) and function (s)

- The services offered

- The address

- Telephone number (s)

- An email address

- The link to your website

- A QR code



Graphics and typography

Colors and graphics that resemble you and an easy-to-read typography with characters that are neither too small nor too large.

Graphics: if your activity is in the field of medicine and law, a sober graphics will have a better impact. However if your services are linked to a graphic design or creation activity, the graphics may be more original.


Font: in general the fonts used must be easy to read, prefer types like Arial, Helvetica. To make reading easier, put the first name and last name in bold or a little larger than the address or other information on the card.


Do not hesitate to contact us for the creation of your cards, we will assist you in the creation of your business cards.



Formats and forms

The most common format for a business card is the size of a credit card: 85x55mm, this allows you to keep them in a wallet or in a card holder.

Other shapes are possible, round, square, elongated, cut to shape, folded ... do not hesitate to ask us for advice for your project.



The papers

There are several thousand types of paper; smooth, structured, mat, shiny, coated, recycled ...

You want a special paper then contact our services and we will find the one that suits you best.




Laminating: the cards can be laminated in matt, gloss or with a "soft touch" lamination giving a peach skin effect.

Embossing: to give a relief effect, business cards can also be embossed; this technique is often used to highlight the company logo.



A little history

Business cards have existed since the 17th century, at the time used by the nobility, only the name and title were present on the cards. These were left in case of absence with a small handwritten note attesting to the passage.



Technical sheet

Below is a link to a PDF file to help you with the creation of your business cards.

Some advice before creating

your business cards

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