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Enveloppes colorées


Personalisierte Umschläge vermitteln Ihr Image und schützen gleichzeitig Ihre Sendungen.

Some advice before printing

your personalized envelopes

The contents

The following elements are generally found on personalized envelopes:

- Company name and logo

- The address

- Advertising for a product or service

- A link to a website



Common envelope sizes and types

The envelopes exist with a window on the right or on the left and without window.


The most common sizes for envelopes are:

C6 - 162 x 114 mm

provided for a folded A6 card or A5 document


C5 - 229 x 162 mm

designed for an A5 card or folded A4 document


C5 / C6 - 229 x 114 mm

provided for an A4 sheet folded in three


C4 - 324 x 229 mm

intended for an A4 sheet or folded A3 document


B6 - 176 x 125 mm

designed to contain a C6 envelope


B5 - 250 x 176 mm

designed to contain a C5 envelope


B4 - 353 x 250 mm

designed to contain a C4 envelope


There are also square envelopes.

Generally white, the envelopes are also available in several other colors.

The papers

There are several types of paper for envelopes; smooth, structured, mat, shiny, coated, recycled, tear-proof…

You are looking for colored envelopes or a different size then do not hesitate to contact us.



The flap closure

The flaps are triangular or straight, mechanisable (to be glued with water) or self-adhesive.



Printing and embossing

Printing: envelopes can be printed on the front and on the flap.

Embossing: to give a relief effect, the envelopes can also be embossed; this technique is often used to highlight the company logo.



A little history

The envelope has been used since the 17th century, at the time reserved for the educated elite to preserve the confidentiality of its content. It was with the appearance of the postage stamp around 1850 that the envelopes took off and were produced in large series mechanically.



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