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Rideaux de scène

We live the culture

Created in Basel in 2010, at the crossroads of three countries, France, Germany and Switzerland, RODOS is today one of the leaders of express printing in Switzerland. We produce and deliver products to our customers around the world.


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Violoncello and piano duo presenting classical music in a communicative format. Their repertoire focuses on works from the 19th century onwards, the golden age of the violoncello.
Until the 18th century, this instrument held a more accompanying role with other ensembles. Since then, the cello has taken over the protagonism, thanks to composers such as Haydn and Beethoven and various innovations in the construction of the instrument.


The Protean Quartet is born in 2018 in Basel, moved by the curiosity and passion for the “Historically Informed Practice” movement.
The ensemble is mainly focused on the rediscovery of the stylistic, rhetorical and technical aspect of the musical language from the Classical and Pre-Romantic period.
The deep interest in the combination of authenticity and meaningfulness, aims to establish a fresher musical speech style.


Yumi Ito

Yumi Ito weaves into her music stories about society - stories that matter, regardless of how large or small, how bright or dark they are.

Yumi Ito lives and works in Basel, performs regularly all around the world and has shared the stage with artists such as Al Jarreau, Becca Stevens, Nils Petter Molvaer and Mark Turner. Her own art includes jazz, art-pop, electronica, free improvisation and neo-classical music.

Why trust us

Best in class

Rodos GmbH Quality service

With the latest technologies combined with our team’s experience we ensure to deliver the highest quality for your products.

Looking good

Rodos GmbH - Exclusive

Offering a wide variety of ways to finish your documents, you can count on our expertise to make the right choice and get the best quality.

Beating the clock

Rodos GmbH - Punctuality

We understand the needs of projects and challenging deadlines, and can accommodate whatever the situation.

Here to help

Rodos GmbH - Help

Our international team welcomes you from Monday to Friday, offering you advice and support for all your document needs.


David Williams

Communication specialist

at Syngenta

Over the last 9 years working with Rodos I have never been let down. Exceptionally reliable whilst also offering professional advice to help improve the quality of output for a large multi-national such as Syngenta.

Rory Fitzpatrick

Communications Manager

at Roche

Rodos always take the time and care to understand your needs, and help you to create what you really need. A fantastic asset to any comms or marketing team.

Gavin Peel

Senior Business Consultant

at Siemens

The RODOS team proactively partner to achieve the best possible results, it is always a pleasure to work with them.

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